10 years of JWP Foundation Idea Patent Profit- infographics

May 25, 2022

JWP Foundation, as the only non-profit organisation in Poland, conducts extensive educational activities on the protection of intellectual property rights for companies, universities, scientists, students and pupils. The projects are very popular.

Dorota Rowanieżewska, attorney-at-law, talks about the idea of establishing the foundation – The JWP Foundation came about as a result of something that had been on my mind for a long time. In the course of my legal training as an attorney-at-law, and then during my judicial and patent attorney training, I became aware of how the level of knowledge about what intellectual property rights are and what role they can play in companies is significantly lower in Poland than in Western Europe or in the U.S. It occurred to me that unless such knowledge reaches the Polish entrepreneurs, scientific institutes and universities, the changes in our country will continue take place very slowly. It was when the foundation was being brought into existence that I got the strong feeling that the time has finally come for me to start sharing what I had learned with others. I concluded that this was going to be a good platform to share the knowledge through training courses and workshops for entrepreneurs, scientists, university students and the media. Therefore, the foundation has become operational and is carrying out its mission. We run an educational project called “Talent Advocates” which is held at universities and comprises a series of practical training courses for students and doctoral candidates. Some time ago, we have also aimed our activities at high school teachers and students. If young people become better acquainted with the protection of intellectual property rights and learn about the profession of a patent attorney this early on in their life, then there is hope that they will approach these issues more consciously and think differently about their future.

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