“A kind word and a smile – you can’t forget that” – Sylwia Zwolan

Feb 23, 2022

Sylwia Zwolan is a specialist in industrial property matters. She is involved in the works connected with conducting trademark and industrial design cases under the domestic (Polish Patent Office), EU (EUIPO) and international (WIPO) systems. Her duties include preparing application documents and other official papers, as well as dealing with translation and communicating with clients and foreign attorneys.

How did it happen that you started working for JWP?

My career at JWP started almost nine years ago. Before that I also worked in a patent law firm, but it was much smaller. My previous employer retired and closed his business. Most of the cases he conducted were handed over to Ms. Dorota Rzążewska, attorney at law, and I was recommended for cooperation. I remember well my first conversation with Ms. Rzążewska – it was really stressful, but also exciting. I was very happy about the prospect of working here. JWP was already a big law firm then.

Do you remember your first day at JWP?

At the beginning working at JWP was a whole new adventure for me, and the first day was quite unusual as we were moving from our previous main office in Żurawia Street to the office building in Żelazna Street. I met most of the people then. Everyone was in a hurry to move, so I was able to blend in with the crowd and observe everything from a distance.

I must say, however, that I received a warm welcome. From my first day I remember Helena Gajek very well. She showed me her support with a friendly smile and a kind word. Such gestures are very important. You always remember them.

Can you name a client that most people might know?

CD Projekt – the largest Polish producer of computer games, whose flagship production is the “Witcher” trilogy. They have also released “Cyberpunk 2077” computer game.

Our department is involved in conducting application proceedings on behalf of this client, we also coordinate trademark registration in various countries all over the world and advise them on building and managing the industrial property rights portfolio. Cooperation with this client has certainly allowed me to get to know the gaming sector better. I follow with interest all the gaming industry trivia and new products appearing on the market.

Have you ever used the products of any of JWP’s clients?

Plenty of times. For example, I have used SMYK products a lot, mainly because of my daughter and the many children of my relatives and friends. I also buy PIĄTNICA products (cream cheese – my daughter’s favourite), MIESZKO confectionery (because I love sweets!) and beverages produced by Grupa Żywiec (but only non-alcoholic ones😉).

And what is your hobby?

I exercise regularly, I like to watch a good movie and listen to Polish jazz which I have discovered thanks to my husband.

I used to be a professional athlete – for many years running was my passion. I devoted all my free time to training, which required self-discipline and many sacrifices on my part. Sport has taught me a lot, above all perseverance, responsibility and conscientiousness, but also humility. The relay races in which I participated were mostly about team work, which has taught me the value of mutual understanding and compromise. On the other hand, individual races which I mainly trained for meant that I had to fight with myself to overcome my own weaknesses. I think sport has shaped me to a large extent and had a huge impact on who I am today. I look back on that period of my life with fondness… Maybe one day I will return to running regularly…

Do you have any dreams?

Yes, I have many! Small and big, but most of them are my secrets. I can tell you about one of them: I would love to take a swing on the Nevis Swing in New Zealand (the biggest swing in the world – editor’s note). It would be like going back to my childhood in a way, only slightly more extreme 😊.

Great! What I like most about this dream is that it is attainable!

Right! Maybe not tomorrow, but in time…

I’m keeping my fingers crossed! 😊