30 years of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys – events to be held

Feb 22, 2022

We will celebrate our double Anniversary, namely the 30th Anniversary of JWP and the 10th Anniversary of JWP Foundation, together with our Clients, Partners and friends throughout the year. A variety of activities and events are planned to take place. We will talk about our history, introduce those who make JWP, focus on the values that are crucial to us, and invariably share our knowledge with you to depict a fascinating world of Intellectual Property. Let’s be together this year!

2022 is a “year of meetings” – such a symbolic meaning is carried by the number that dominated the year of our Anniversary. And although, as pragmatic patent attorneys, engineers and lawyers, we are not superstitious, it has a certain symbolic significance to us. We have already got accustomed to changing conditions in difficult times of the pandemic and we are always thoroughly prepared for new challenges and unexpected circumstances.

We look forward to all the meetings planned!

We will write about all our anniversary activities in social media and on a specially designed website at Our anniversary celebration will focus on the following topics:

#30yearsofJWP #teamJWP

In the anniversary year, we want to share with you a lot of information and interesting facts about the history of our law firm. Thirty years following its establishment in 1992 by Trademark and Patent Attorney Jan Wierzchon, many changes have taken place. We will present our employees’ profiles. We will talk about what we do on a daily basis and what kind of a team we are.

The round 30th anniversary falls on 1 April 2022. On this day, we will meet along with our colleagues and blow out candles on a birthday cake together. In June, we will hold an anniversary gala with the participation of our Clients and Partners, during which, in addition to the numerous presentations and attractions offered, we will also present a unique film about JWP Trademark & Patent Attorneys.

This autumn, in turn, you are invited to an international conference on patent law, including the EU unitary patent protection system.


It will be a series presenting our Clients, their products and projects. We will show you how the protection of intellectual property rights helps our Clients grow their businesses, what problems we face on a daily basis and how we deal with them. And we will focus on how our Clients achieve success with patent attorneys’ assistance.


The major theme of our Anniversary is environmental protection. We plan to carry out, with joint efforts of the entire JWP team, two environmental projects related to the world clean-up and greening, and to take part in environmental workshops. Also, we will promote Greenpeace’s Adopt a Bee project and initiatives for the planting of flower meadows.


In addition to standard IP articles, our All Rights Reserved blog will feature thirty interesting facts about unique events, inventions and the most interesting cases. We will share our own experiences with you and write about the latest trends in the world of innovation. 


As part of this series, we will focus on keywords and the most important facts related to IP rights. In this easy and enjoyable way, we hope to offer an insight into this area of law to all those who do not deal with law books professionally.

P.S. And on 26 April, on the occasion of the World Intellectual Property Day, which this year focuses on IP and Youth, quizzes and puzzles as well as presentations of interesting inventions developed by the youngest will be published in our social media accounts. We also plan to hold a webinar on the protection of intellectual property rights!

We have an interesting year ahead of us, full of meetings, opportunities to exchange thoughts and ideas, and joyful celebration. We hope to spend it with many of you. Please join us to participate in the events we will hold and read the articles we will post in social media and on our anniversary website at

JWP Team