B for Being Involved in Patent Examination

Feb 23, 2022

B for Being Involved in Patent Examination – for years, JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys has been raising awareness among scientists and entrepreneurs about the patent examination and the importance of conducting the right research at the right time as an important strategic and even business tool. Many types of examination can be distinguished, but from our perspective, knowledge of three basic types is enough to feel more confident in the matter of research. These are the state-of-the-art examination, the patentability examination, and the patent clearance examination. The state-of-the-art examination is the examination that determines the closest state of the art for a given solution. The patentability examination is the examination that verifies whether a particular solution is patentable, i.e. in particular whether the solution is new and has an inventive step. The patent clearance examination, on the other hand, is the examination of whether a given solution infringes the exclusive rights of third parties. This examination is usually carried out for solutions for which an exclusive right has already been granted, or which are introduced to a given (geographically defined) market. Such a level of knowledge should be enough to sensibly decide at what stage of development our solution is and what type of examination should be selected. However, it is worth commissioning a professional attorney to conduct the examination itself.