C for a crucial role of technical features

Mar 22, 2022

C for a crucial role of technical features – patent claims/protective disclaimers are the part of patent filing documentation that ultimately specifies the scope of protection for which a patent or a protection right for a utility model is granted. This scope is defined by providing technical features of a solution relating to the composition or structure of, for example, a product. As for a utility model, the technical features of the solution specified in the application should be depicted in the drawing. When thinking about a new solution that we would like to protect by means of an exclusive right (a patent for an invention or a protection right for a utility model), such a solution should be described with the use of technical features. It is technical features that define the exclusive right and by selecting appropriate technical features to be included in a patent claim or protective disclaimer, we can provide a broad or narrow scope of protection. Paradoxically, the more technical features define a given solution, i.e. the more features are used to specify the invention/utility model, the narrower the protection arising from the right so granted. The fewer features that distinguish the solution from the state of the art, the wider the scope of the exclusivity obtained.