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Feb 8, 2023

2022, the year of our double jubilee – 30 years since the establishment of JWP and the 10th anniversary of the JWP Foundation Idea Patent Zysk, both of which we celebrated together with our clients, partners and friends – has come to an end. It was a time of various interesting events and activities, so let’s recall some of them at the beginning of the new year.

2022 was the “year of meetings”, as symbolized by the number that dominated the year of our jubilee. And although we are, of course, pragmatic patent attorneys, engineers and lawyers, not at all superstitious, this augury had an appealing ring for us. And it came true, albeit quite differently than we had planned! The year of our anniversary indeed turned out to be a time of getting together, but also helping those affected by the war raging across our eastern border.


We celebrated last year’s April Fool’s Day with a bang! Exactly 30 years before, 1 April 1992 marked the establishment of Jan Wierzchoń & Partners law firm, currently JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys.

We have already grown accustomed to the changing realities of our times and are always doubly prepared for new challenges and unexpected circumstances. That is why the snowstorm that hit our spring anniversary picnic did not come as a huge surprise to anyone, nor was it an obstacle to having fun together, the aim of which (as always) was to change our world into a better place – if only a little.

50 children from Ukraine that were taken in by the Pilaszków Care and Treatment Centre were given a wide range of essentials

100 trees were planted at the local forest nursery (beech, birch, spruce and hornbeam)!

4 new, spacious and warm kennels for dogs from the Korabiewice shelter were built


The highlight of our double anniversary celebrations was the jubilee gala of JWP law firm and foundation, held on 3 June 2022 in Mała Warszawa art & business center. For JWP employees, our clients and friends it was a great opportunity to have fun, talk, commune with art and just be together.

The exhibition of paintings by a Ukrainian artist Natalia Pastushenko and the presence of the artist herself added splendor to the gala. Her works, reminiscent of the style of Gustav Klimt or Marc Chagall, could be admired throughout the evening. It was also an opportunity to raise funds for the Polish Humanitarian Action project SOS Ukraine. The evening also featured the premiere of a film about our law firm, entitled “A Diversity of Cases and People”.

35,000 PLN raised was donated to the Polish Humanitarian Action for the “SOS Ukraine” campaign, thanks to the commitment of all the guests present at the gala, JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys’ employees and partners as well as the Ukrainian painter Natalia Pastushenko.

8 paintings were sold during the charity exhibition

3 paintings were presented as prizes in the JWP competition


On 21 September 2022, the first ever international conference on the topic of the Unified Patent Court’s creation was held in Poland, bringing together academics, professional attorneys and business representatives. We invited leading European and national experts in the field of patent protection to join the debate and share their up-to-date knowledge on the changes related to the launch of the Unified Patent Court in Europe with the conference participants. It was also a unique opportunity to exchange views and learn about different strategies for dealing with the “new reality” in the world of patents.

310 participants registered for the conference

75% attendance on the day of the event

27 press publications on the Unified Patent Court and the patent with unitary effect.

20 experts from Poland and Europe

#JWPChristmas #JWPhelp

In December, we met in the snow-covered Warsaw district of Praga for the annual Christmas party. It was yet another opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the success and many achievements of the passing jubilee year. The choice of venue was no accident – the newly renovated building in 75 Mińska Street will become our new headquarters in 2023! For the 4th time in its 30-year history, our Warsaw law firm will relocate and it looks like we are going to settle for good within the walls of an atmospheric old printing house from the 1950s. During the party, a Christmas video featuring the youngest members of the JWP family was shown: our children presented Christmas riddles, told us why they like Christmas, what their favorite Christmas traditions are and what inventions are used by Santa. Finally, they passed on their Christmas wishes. In addition to participating in many other charity events, this year, as usual, we also prepared a Noble Gift for a family from Wyszków.

8 charity campaigns which the JWP Patent Attorneys Board of Directors and employees were involved in throughout 2022 included: PAH “SOS Ukraine”, Help for the children from the Ukrainian Orphanage, currently in the Pilaszków Centre, Help for the Animal Shelter in Korabiewice, Noble Gift, Colourful Backpacks Galore for the children from the Social Welfare Centre Warsaw/Śródmieście, Evening of Dreams organized by the Child’s Dream Foundation, collecting money for a Ukrainian family of 9 that our JWP colleague took under her roof, collecting medicines and food for the emergency services in Lviv.

15 children from JWP Patent Attorneys who took part in our jubilee #JWPChristmas campaign


In our anniversary year, we shared a lot of information and interesting facts about our law firm and invariably spread knowledge on intellectual property law. As part of the cycle #30interesting factsforJWP30thanniversary, among other things, we wrote about Quentin Tarantino’s dispute over the NFTs (non-fungible tokens) for the Pulp Fiction screenplay, the role of 3D printing in the restoration of coral reefs and the invention by a 15-year-old Filip Piękoś, i.e. a keyboard for the disabled persons. As for the latter, our foundation helped Filip to file a patent application with the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

In order to introduce everyone to our team, we also presented profiles of our colleagues working in various departments and on various positions in JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys: patent attorneys, translators and specialists. The interviews, which are available on our anniversary website, allow you to get to know more about the unique and very diverse professional experiences and hobbies of those working in our company.

100 online publications on intellectual rights protection

50 publications in foreign press and internet portals

40 posts on the company blog “All Rights Reserved”

7 interviews within the #JWPteam cycle

6 press releases

#InspirationsForInnovations #JWPstories

“A Diversity of Cases and People” is a film about our law firm made in cooperation with the wonderful team from Rebus Films, which was screened as part of our 30th anniversary celebrations. The premiere, as announced, took place on 3 June 2022 at the jubilee gala. The production can now be viewed on our website and on the JWP_IP YouTube channel. The inspiration for the film came from the awe and delight we take in the diverse and interesting cases handled by our patent attorneys.

During the making of this anniversary film, we also produced a series of beautiful videos entitled “Inspirations for Innovation” which featured our clients presenting their companies and talking about the importance of a coherent IP strategy for business development. Neel LLC, Mago S.A., Zieta Prozessdesign LLC. and the Warsaw University of Technology all agreed to contribute.
We also would like to thank all our customers who got involved in the production of the anniversary film by making their products and premises available. We express our heartfelt gratitude to Gerda LCC, Agrosimex LCC, Mieszko S.A., Tarchomin Pharmaceutical Works POLFA S.A., Piątnica District Dairy Cooperative, Interdruk S.A. and Żywiec Group S.A.. Intellectual property rights really rock!

9 video productions made by JWP

6 professional films made in cooperation with Rebus Films

1026+ views of our videos

An interesting year full of meetings, exchanging ideas and joyful group celebrations has come to an end. It was also a difficult year due to the events that forced us to change our perspective and redirect our support. At the beginning of 2022 we had been planning to devote all our energies to helping the environment, adopting bees, cleaning up or planting forests… However, we were faced with a huge humanitarian crisis which became our top priority.

We hope that the New Year 2023 will bring us the security we need to continue growing as a company as well as many new and exciting projects, the results of which we will be able to share widely with our friends, customers and partners.