F for Figures

Jul 12, 2022

F for Figures – the components of the application documentation are the application, the description, claims, the abstract of the description and drawings (in case of the invention – if they are necessary to understand the solution; in case of the utility model – they are mandatory, in 1 copy). If the patent/utility model application already contains drawings, a concise explanation of what the figures in the drawings represent is crucial. Figures, therefore, are the components of the part of the description which are the drawings. As a rule, figures should not contain text, except for single words. In addition, they should be made with solid, black, intense and sharp lines. It is not acceptable to include colored figures or photographs in the application documentation – everything must be presented in black and white. Cross-sections should be marked according to the rules of technical drawing in a way that does not hinder reading. If the figures contain a lot of cross-reference marks, it is recommended to draw up a list of marks to make them easier to read.