Industrial Property Alphabet – A for the Stockholm Act

Feb 21, 2022

To mark the 30th anniversary of its activity, JWP Patent and Trademark Attorneys has prepared a collection of key terms to provide all those interested with an accessible and alphabetically-ordered introduction to the most important terms from the world of industrial property.

Periodically we will be unveiling, from A to Z, new entries dedicated to patents which will allow you to navigate more freely through the complex area of exclusive rights.

A for the Stockholm Act – not many people know that this act, drawn up in Stockholm on 14 July 1967, is the latest (as we would call it today) update of the Paris Convention for the Protection of Industrial Property. The Paris Convention of 20 March 1883 is one of the most important documents that lays the foundation for the whole notion of industrial property. It established the International Union for the Protection of Industrial Property, to which Poland acceded in 1919. According to the provisions of the Convention, each Contracting State must grant the same protection to nationals of other Contracting States that it grants to its own nationals. It is the Paris Convention that created the right of PRIORITY, which is of key importance to all concerned parties. In the 1883 document, we can read that „any person who has duly filed an application for a patent, or for the registration of a utility model, or of an industrial design, or of a trademark, shall enjoy a right of priority in other Contracting States”. It is worth to keep this name in mind so that you can impress with your knowledge of the historical background of industrial property when among the employees of the research and development department or when attending a supervisory board meeting.