People who move the world in the right direction are the most important part of the business

Apr 19, 2022

JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. It is a time for summing up, admiring the big numbers and reflecting on how much the work of the patent law firm has affected market participants and the world around us. This year also marks the 10th anniversary of JWP Foundation, known for its numerous educational initiatives.

Over the 30 years of its activity, JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys has handled over 55,000 cases related to the protection of intellectual property rights. The work for several thousand entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, designers and creators, contributed to the protection of thousands of inventions, technologies, works, products and markings in nearly 120 countries around the world. Professional support provided by JWP has thus helped many domestic and foreign companies from various sectors of the economy as well as research and development units to succeed. JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys continues to grow and remains one of the leading patent law firms in Poland. The company’s team now includes more than 120 specialists working in four cities in Poland.

‘We are committed to ensuring that clients receive high quality legal assistance in our firm in relation to all aspects of intellectual property rights protection. It is important to us that our clients have partners in us who understand their needs and their industry and who provide professional support and a sense of security. We aim to be partners who help them grow their business and successfully achieve their goals,’ says the managing partner of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Dorota Rzążewska. ‘JWP Foundation, as the only non-profit organisation in Poland, conducts extensive educational activities on the protection of intellectual property rights for companies, universities, scientists, students and pupils. The projects we run, such as Talent Advocates, JWP Academy or Win Without Fakes!, are very popular. We also participate in acceleration programmes for start-ups, we are involved in initiatives, such as the Innovator of Mazovia or the Intellectual Property in Your School project by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland. We also provide free online consultations for businesses.’

The recipe for success, contrary to what representatives of big business often say, is not easy. JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys was established in the period of transformation and was one of the firms that participated in building the new market. It took great determination, consistency and strong values, which built the company’s position year after year, to celebrate such success after 30 years. From the beginning, the company has focused on continuously improving the quality of its services, caring for customers and their individual needs, communicating clearly and acting quickly. It also ensures that its employees regularly improve their knowledge and competences and that its technologies and modern management techniques are developed and its operations are ethical and fully transparent.

The partners at JWP look at running the firm not just from a business perspective, but in a broader picture. It is a commitment to clients, employees, local communities and the environment. This is why for many years, JWP Group has been pursuing its strategy of responsible business and its policies for ecology, diversity and against social exclusion.

A key area of activity, from the point of view of the firm’s development, is caring for the people who make up the team. JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys provides its employees with the opportunity to improve their qualifications, handle interesting cases and participate in international projects, as well as clear evaluation systems and development paths. Flexible working arrangements, tools to help maintain work-life balance and numerous benefits are standard.

In today’s world, it is also impossible not to mention ecology, which is a prerequisite for a good life here and now and of future generations. Care and concern for the environment unites JWP employees. The company participates in the Green Office Programme and is committed to reducing energy, paper and water consumption and segregating waste. There are regular initiatives to educate employees about eco-friendly shopping or actions to reduce consumption and not waste food.

‘The staff of our law firm are individuals with high social sensitivity. They willingly initiate and get involved in charity actions, such as Noble Parcel or those by Polish Humanitarian Action, or direct help for children from orphanages, social care centres and therapy centres,’ says Dorota Rzążewska. ‘JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys creates space for employees to engage in such activities and regularly provides financial support to charitable projects such as the Children’s Fantasy Foundation.’

With the recent situation beyond our eastern border, JWP staff have also been actively involved in helping refugees. The firm provides financial support to the Polish Humanitarian Action and in-kind support to children from a Ukrainian orphanage who have found shelter in one of care facilities near Warsaw.

After 30 years in business, one thing seems clear: people are the most important part of the business. It is their expertise and commitment that make it possible for JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys to provide high quality services, enjoy the trust and success of so many clients and, for years, hold a high position in the market of patent and legal services. These are several generations of patent attorneys and lawyers who took their first steps at JWP, improved their skills under the supervision of older colleagues and climbed the career ladder.

‘The achievements of our clients and the firm make us proud. By protecting intellectual property rights, promoting knowledge in this area and a culture of respect for the law, we feel that together with our clients we contribute to changing the world and developing innovation and technology. Together, we propel the wheel of development, which by working efficiently in the area of intellectual property rights protection, drives progress,’ says Dorota Rzążewska. ‘It motivates us to continue to do our best for our clients, to constantly improve and implement more and more interesting ideas and to build a modern firm.’

We will celebrate the dual anniversary of JWP Patent & Trademark Attorneys and JWP Foundation together with our clients, partners and friends throughout the year. A number of activities and events have been planned to mark the occasion. There will be an opportunity to learn about the firm’s history, the people behind it and to gain some new knowledge and see how interesting the world of intellectual property is.